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Lok'tar, friend. Welcome to And His Imaginary Friend.
Here are the main requirements that we ask you to match before you consider applying:
-You are an active and experienced player
-You have full knowledge of the tactics and are capable of clearing current raid content 
-You love raiding with a team of dedicated and competent players.
-Your gear is fully Enchanted/Gemmed correctly and to a high standard.
If you can satisfy the above critera, then AHIF want to hear from you!
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Magmaw 10 down

Naraladore, Jan 13, 11 11:48 PM.
Magmaw down after not many tries atall Keep up the good progress people. Maloriak to follow soon, good work !
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Omnitron 10 down

Naraladore, Jan 13, 11 11:44 PM.
It may have took us awhile to get into the swing of things but now were back and have our first boss down. Congratz on Omnitron going down. More Boss kill information and imagery to follow. keep up the good work people!

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Naraladore, Dec 10, 10 3:39 PM.
With Cataclysm now upon us and most of us at or near to 85 its the time we look towards our new raiding schedule and the prospect of multiple raiding groups. Once you reach level 85 look for the Group setups topic on the forums and check for what raiding group you will be in. If you are not happy with these or wish to change anything get in contact with me and ill see what i can do. But for now i wish everybody good luck in the coming raids and may all your drops be shiny and purple

Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 Player)

Naraladore, Nov 11, 10 9:03 AM.
Last night there was yet another momentous moment as our 10 player core got the last achievment needed for The glory of the Icecrown raider achievment. All you can Eat from the Sindragosa encounter fell swiftly to our might as we zerged it down to achiev our final goal. Congratulations and thank you to all the raiders who have put in the time and the effort to get this achievment finished. Yet another step in the right direction for And His Imaginary Friend. Pretty damn proud of you guys at the moment keep up the good work. Screenshots to follow soon...

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Heroic: Frostwing Halls 10 player down

Naraladore, Nov 11, 10 8:44 AM.
With Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa now finally down in heroic we can start to look towards our final goal. Good job to all those who attended the Sindra kill and good job on now being officially 11/12 ICC 10 Hc. Onwards to the Lich king!Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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